The Founders

Our business is a unique collaboration between two partners in life: Melita and Jonathan Shirley. 

Having had two young boys and one more on the way, Melita found it impossible to find breastfeeding friendly activewear supportive enough to exercise in and stylish enough to leave the house in. After unsuccessfully attempting to "secret" such a product into existence over several years, Melita started to wonder if a more effective use of time might be to develop it themselves. 

After a series of dramatic events about an angsty teen romance short of a Home and Away storyline (Jonny hit by car and suffers broken neck, house struck by lightning and narrowly avoids being burned to the ground and baby son born with a rare skull disorder) the founders decided the universe had spoken: they needed to make some changes in their lives and start to pursue their passions. Mammojo needed to be born and they were just the sleep deprived, caffeine fuelled, vomit-stained lunatics to make it happen. 

At Mammojo, we are passionate about helping little people get the best start in life, whether that be through breastfeeding, education or getting them access to high quality medical treatment in the case it is required. We are excited to be able to support Mater Little Miracles and have committed to contributing 5% of all revenue generated from sales of Mammojo breastfeeding tops to support patient care and research for mothers and babies.

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