About Mammojo

Introducing the Mammojo Lactivewear® range, a range of high quality breastfeeding friendly activewear and swimwear specifically designed for busy feeding mamas. Read more...

At Mammojo, we say yes to style, to comfort, to the occasional Tim Tam, to the frequent Tim Tam, yes to breastfeeding, to expressing, to feeding your baby in whatever the hell way works for you, to mother’s intuition, to maintaining your sanity, to getting back your mojo, to remembering to do those exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor, to healthy mums and their bubbas.

Most of all we say yes to choice: because style, being active and breastfeeding should not be mutually exclusive. Feeding super mamas of the world rise up: no more reefing of clothing to the side to feed your hungry hippos, no more judgement about taking time for yourself, and above all, no more beige nana feeding tops. 

Over two years of development have gone into high quality eye catching and functional garments. Each product has been produced specifically for the new mother; from our patent pending breastfeeding tops with different levels of postpartum stomach support to our tights with support for new mothers' cores and often looser joints. We have used the highest quality, high performance Italian fabrics and we are really proud of our first range.