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Our Story

Four leafed clover

While most people don't think a broken neck, a lightning strike and a child born with a rare skull disorder in quick succession is run of good fortune, Jonathan and Melita Shirley were left counting their lucky stars three times over when a series of unbelievable events occurred.

In November 2014 Jonathan came off second best when a car reversed into his path while cycling to work. Jonathan suffered terrible injuries including a broken neck and a fractured arm but against all the odds avoided neurological damage.

The very day Jonathan was released from hospital after the accident, their house was struck by lightning and caught on fire. Jonathan, Melita (pregnant with their second child) and their eldest son, Lewis, fled the burning house. Thanks to some good luck, quick-thinking neighbours and a prompt fire brigade, the house narrowly avoided being burnt to the ground.

Unbeknownst to them at this point, their unborn son's skull had fused prematurely in the womb. It was not until he was born in April 2015 that the condition was diagnosed. The couple sold their "forever home" to fund surgery and travel for their baby and at five weeks old, Jack was successfully operated on in San Antonio, Texas. Shortly thereafter he was thriving.

Light bulb

As Jonathan recovered from his injuries and their son from his surgery, the couple, with a new perspective on life and what was important, felt compelled to do something positive with the incredibly lucky hand they had been dealt. They set about creating a sustainable business that would make a positive impact on the world and enable them to help those that were not so fortunate.

One of the key, albeit first world, problems facing Melita, was a lack of breastfeeding friendly clothing that would support her journey back to fitness and activity after giving birth. The sleep-deprived and caffeine-fuelled couple decided to create something that would help other mothers who wanted to breastfeed and incorporate activity into their lives and use the proceeds from this enterprise to help others less fortunate than they had been.

Clothing Design

Over two years of development went into the high quality, eye-catching and functional garments. Each product has been lovingly produced specifically for the new mother; from innovative breastfeeding tops with built in bras, to a game-changing nursing friendly hoodie and support tights for new mothers' cores and often looser joints. The products are produced ethically with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced Italian performance fabrics.


At Mammojo, we believe in removing the barriers that allow people to live life to the full. We believe that by creating quality products to address first world problems, we can use proceeds of the sales of these products to make a positive contribution to the world, whether it be donating to live-saving research, care and equipment for premature babies (via the Mater Little Miracles Foundation) or helping to reduce the shocking mortality rate of mothers giving birth in developing countries.

Giving back

Giving back has been at the core of our existence from the beginning. Proceeds from every sale ever made have gone to help those less fortunate via various charities including the Mater Little Miracles Foundation. At Mammojo, we want to do more, which is why we're always on the lookout for new charities that can benefit from our philosophy.

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