Your Tribe is Your Vibe

Your Tribe is Your Vibe

Being a mum is like, a VERY wild ride. Some days I equate it to running a marathon I never signed up for. And I loathe running.

There’s the severe shortage of sleep, an over abundance of coffee and beige foods (toast is a balanced meal, yeah?) and a bonafide explosion of love that feels so big and so tangible, you think you could reach out and touch it.

Ever heard the term ‘It takes a village’? Duh, of course you have. We’ve all heard this term and gosh darn it, it really DOES take a whole flippin’ village. Motherhood is not a ‘hood you should be tackling solo.

For many of us, The Village doesn’t exactly looked the way we envisioned when we had growing bellies and romantic ideas about parenthood. For one, you probably didn’t truly appreciate the amount of time each day you would spend removing bodily fluids not belonging to you, from your body and dang it, it really is that hard just to take a shower sometimes. Perhaps your parents are not as involved as you had hoped they might be or your mourning friendships with women who don’t have children and just don’t get it (although we know lots do, and these pseudo aunts are our faves).

Everyone’s village looks a little different. From hyper involved grandparents to community mothers groups, best friends who have babies at the same time, childcare, au pairs and meal prep businesses - your village is whoever makes this parenting jam easier.

We’re celebrating the very special friendships that we cultivate as mothers. Those women down in the trenches with you, changing nappies together, commiserating over the scarcity of sleep and toasting to milestones and successes! These relationships are the real MVP. I mean, who else can you text at 2am and actually expect a reply from (and lets be real, you’re probably bonding over shared middle of the night online shopping).

Until Sunday (26.1.20) you can buy any item from the Lactivewear®️ Range and get any other item for free! Buy one, get one for your Breastie. We can even post it straight to her - just leave her details and which item is for her and we’ll take care of the rest. But hey! Motherhood is a judgement free zone here, so if you need that second piece for yourself, then that’s okay too #youdoyouboo Checkout with code BREASTFRIENDS and psst there’s no returns on sale items so drop us a line if you want to talk sizing and fit.


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Melita, I love this feature! :)

Thuy Nguyen

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