Women Shaking Things up in 2021

Women Shaking Things up in 2021

Anyone that knows us, knows we’re big fans of women. In a purely platonic but wildly enthusiastic kind of way. We have a particular penchant for the mum variety of said women, because, well heck, we know it’s freaking hard work and think that all the bad ass sisters doing it for themselves need a little recognition. This International Women’s Day, and from one woman to another, we want to acknowledge all the fierce, fabulous, perfectly imperfect women that inspire us to keep going.

We can’t acknowledge you all by name (that would be a *very* long blog) but wanted to take today to honour some women that we look to with admiration and awe through our bleary sleep-deprived eyes, because we think they are doing incredible things.

Summer Daniels - CEO of Little Rae Prints

When someone says authentic, kind, business savvy and oozing style we immediately think of the inimitable CEO of Little Rae Prints and our favourite artist, Summer Daniels. Summer has built Little Rae Prints from humble beginnings at her dining table to a multi million dollar empire in six years.

Allowing us a sneak peek into her beautiful home and enviable style we admire Summer’s positive approach to parenting her beautiful girls and life in general. With an energy and zest for life that’s contagious, a smile that’s magnetic and a wardrobe to lust after, we’re putting Summer on our list of Women to Watch in 2021.

Casey-Lee Lyons - Live Love Nourish

Long time fans of Casey-Lee and her no fuss approach to family nutrition, we couldn’t go past her when putting together our list of Women to Watch in 2021. A champion of the ‘Healthy not Hard’ movement, Casey-Lee inspires Mums and Dads to create easy, nourishing meals for the entire family without breaking the bank or their sanity.

Casey-Lee has built of loyal following of parents looking to make meal times simple,fun and full of nutrition. I still get a tic when she shares that ‘embracing the mess’ in cooking with children is all part of the fun, but I am working on it daily.

Abbie Edwards - Co-owner of Inflow Pilates

If you’ve been following Mammojo for a while, you might know we are massive Pilates tragics. In fact, we’ve never met a reformer we didn't like.  We had the pleasure of meeting Abbie at her beautiful Caloundra based studio, Inflow Pilates, during the third trimester of her pregnancy.

Since becoming a Mum to beautiful Billie, we have watched Abbie continue to create a community of supportive women as she shares the honest joys and hardships that come with the newborn days. We know Abbie is cooking up something B-I-G in the wellness space and we are *pumped* to see what genius she puts out into the world.

Lyndi Cohen - The Nude Nutritionist

Synonomous with a no-nonsense approach to nutrition and spearheading a campaign against the anti-salad dressing movement (salad dressing is life, obviously), the incredible Lyndi Cohen is a regular feature of programs like The Today Show. Lyndi has provided a platform where she has championed real women bodies, her own struggles with binge eating and how to end the cycle in a healthy way.

Lyndi welcomed baby Leo to her family recently and we have been inspired by the down-to-earth content around real postpartum bodies and how to fuel them. We’re not afraid to tell you that we’re also a bit in love with her delightful Golden Retriever, Panko.

Claire Holt

Maybe it’s our dirty little obsession with H2O Just Add Water and The Vampire Diaries, but we have to tell you that we love Claire Holt. Buy us a t-shirt with her face on it and find us wearing it on repeat 24/7. Wildly amazing actress, mermaid tail wearer and Mum to two, Claire has shared beautifully raw moments of parenthood with her 6.2 million Instagram followers.

After the birth of her first child, son JJ, Claire shared a moment of great vulnerability and boy, did it go viral. Claire keeps us snort laughing with her witty content and self deprecating humour that feels reassuringly Australian. If you want to see someone roast themselves over their less-than-perfect weight lifting form, we highly recommend hitting up her stories.

Zoë Foster-Blake - Business Owner, Author Total Legend and Probable BFF

When I say PR mastermind, hilarious as heck, skin dewier than moon pools and super business woman, you say…

Zoë Foster-Blake.


Proving that nice gals can actually finish first, the savvy owner of Go-To Skincare and Mum of two wee people is the BFF we always wanted. Zoë charms us with her witty banter, insight into top notch skincare and her recommendations, (boy oh boy do we love those recommendations - we can’t overstate this, you need to check her book recommendation highlights on Instagram), a level of authentic and genuine rarely found on social media (and let’s be real, in life) we find it pretty hard, nay impossible, to find anything about Queen ZFB that’s anything short of inspirational. She’s a massive and selfless supporter of other businesses and women in general and we think that is as cool as it gets. You can find us wearing her new Go-To clay mask, while we listen to her audiobooks before falling asleep on her signature silk pillowcases any given Sunday because, #selfcare.

What amazeballs women are you watching in 2021? (In a purely non-stalkery kinda way….)

Happy International Women’s Day you heckin’ legends.



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