Why You Need Postpartum Support Tights

Why You Need Postpartum Support Tights

There are only a few certainties in life - death, taxes and the fact that your core will need some serious support following childbirth. 

When women ask me what the postnatal essentials are - in addition to frozen condoms (google it, it’s a thing…), large black granny undies and some ultra comfy pants, postnatal support tights are always at the top of my list. Here’s why:

  1. Asian cultures have traditionally wrapped their bellies after childbirth to encourage muscles to repair and tighten. The practice supports stomach muscles, helps to close the diastasis recti gap and also helps internal organs to return to their normal place more quickly. Research shows that women who “belly bind” tend to have a faster recovery post birth as it encourages the muscle fibres to re-mesh together. While girdles and corsets aren’t exactly comfortable or practical these days, a good pair of postnatal support tights can work the same kinda magic in a slightly more convenient and stylish way. 

  1. Just when you thought all the fun of childbirth was over… one of the immediate risks for postnatal women is blood clots. Yay! Tights with compression properties can actually help reduce the risk of blood clots as it encourages good blood flow around your body (think travel socks for long haul flights). Look for good quality, breathable fabrics that aren’t constrictive while offering gentle compression for your poor taxed body. 

  1. Anyone who’s had a baby before will understand the “jelly belly” feeling that comes with the postpartum period. Like a balloon deflating, the postnatal belly can feel a little deflating in itself, with women reporting an “uncomfortable jiggle” post birth. While your body is working hard to repair itself a good pair of support tights can slim and firm your silhouette, making you look and feel great. Shorter length varieties can also be worn under other clothing to give you some support and confidence while out and about. 

With all of this in mind, we set about creating a pair of postpartum support tights that give you *all* of the support and have the bonus side effect of looking flattering as all heck. And TA-DA - that’s exactly what we did. Crafted with premium italian compression fabric and super power mesh across the waist band, these tight are an absolute essential as you enter the fourth trimester. Designed to support women who have birthed in the traditional manner and those who have used the sunroof, the band won’t irritate or annoy recovering c-section incisions. 

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