Top five Christmas gifts for breastfeeding mothers

Top five Christmas gifts for breastfeeding mothers

Top five Christmas gifts for breastfeeding mothers

With the silly season well and truly upon us it’s time to start that Christmas list for the special people in your life. And who is more special that those superhuman women who are literally single handedly (or double-boobedly) sustaining human life! From cheap and cheerful to some more indulgent choices, we’ve assembled our top picks for nursing mothers this Christmas.

1. A massage for the love of God

Nursing mummies will be the first to tell you that ‘breastfeeding shoulders’ is a very real and stinkingly painful thing. Give the gift of both a massage and an hour’s babysitting so the mummy in your life can enjoy some R&R and you’ll be loved unconditionally forever. Guaranteed. Separation from mum not yet an option? Just look for those savvy salons that are embracing the Mum n Bubs movement, like Haven Beauty Bar in Brisbane’s Morningside, who accommodate prams and grizzly babies like total bosses all the while performing divine facials, brows and pedis with mini-you in the room.

2. A massive water bottle  

A two litre bottle of water might seem like a slightly weird gift, but breastfeeding mummies need to consume lots of water. It helps to ensure good milk supply, which in turn, helps bub sleep longer between feeds. As any new mum will attest, sleep = life so everyone’s a winner here. These larger bottles can really help you keep track of your daily water intake and are available at selected chemists and health food stores for less than $15. Make sure it’s BPA free.

Thirsty much? Not on my watch

3. Mum and Bubs movie vouchers

I seriously never saw more movies than I did after having my first baby. And I loved it. Lots of cinemas host regular bring your baby sessions where special allowances are made for the tiniest movie critics. Think lower volume, slightly dimmed lighting and space for prams, plus the all important communal understanding that crying babies can and will strike at will. Tickets are only $8 at Palace Cinemas (kids under three free) or you can pre-purchase a five pack of movie tickets for $40 with Event Cinemas.

4. Nursing friendly clothing that doesn’t scream BREASTFEEDING MOTHER!!!!

Nursing mummies tire of having to wrestle with buttons and clips and of wearing boring maternity wear, so give the gift of easy access and style that doesn’t scream breastfeeding with neon flashing lights. Call us biased, but we love the innovative Mammojo Signature breastfeeding hoodie for super easy and discrete feeding, whilst also being really, really, ridiculously good looking. Lightweight enough to be warn all year round, this item is a staple for every nursing mum.

The best breastfeeding hoodie on the planet!

5. Something to help get back on track with exercise

If the special breastfeeding woman in your life has indicated getting back into exercise is on her list of priorities*, help facilitate this for her with some great items from the Mammojo Lactivewear® range. You won’t need to buy two separate garments as supportive feeding bras have been built in to all the nursing tanks and the one-handed easy-access clasps take the stress out of exercising with baby. ( P.S. Keep an eye out for some great Black Friday/Cbyer Monday offers.)

With a range of great Mum and Bubs classes run by physios and postnatal exercise specialists now available (try Mummy & Co), and gyms with creches accommodating babies as young as 6 weeks, babies or lack of supportive nursing-friendly activewear, need not be barriers to safely getting back into exercise. If exercising at home is more within reach, there are some great apps to help motivate mummy in the comfort of your own home. The Fit Mummy Project app is a complete postnatal health, fitness and wellbeing guide and can be dowloaded for less than $15. *If the special breastfeeding mother in your life has NOT indicated she intends to get back into physical exercise, please do NOT purchase her a 50 class pass to Mum and Bubs Bootcamp. It may cause great offence, familial exile or divorce.

We hope this list helps when shopping for your lactating super mama. And remember, if all else fails, the answer is always jewellery. Please, thank you and you’re welcome.

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