Looking for Maternity Tights? We've Got the Best.

Looking for Maternity Tights? We've Got the Best.

So you’re knocked up, hey? Well good for you! Strap yourself in, lady - this is going to be one helluva ride! I’m sure you’ve got lots to read about, lots to research and lots to plan. But before you get to experience the indescribable joy of selecting the stroller, the bassinet, the breast pump and the car seat (Oh what fun! Yes, we’re being facetious) there are a few things you are going to need a little more imminently. [Read: maternity tights are freaking essential, woman]. 

Speaking from experience, at the very top of that list, will be a new pair of exercise tights. Now, it’s a bit of a running joke that mums live in activewear but as you will discover, quite literally, if the tights fit, (and there will come a point when that’s all that will fit) wear them! It’s amazing how quickly your regular leggings start to cut in around the waist and good quality maternity tights in compressive fabrics can actually help alleviate some of the typical pregnancy aches and pains. WINNING! Whether your fitness regime includes a gentle walk, Pilates or something more intense, a good pair of maternity leggings can make all the difference. Plus, keeping your body moving during pregnancy is super important. Research shows it can assist with your mood, sleeping and even contribute to an easier birth and recovery period. Sign me up! 

Maternity tights are one of those things that you really want to invest well in: as tempting a price as cheap tights may represent, do your research because you generally get what you pay for. You’ll often end up having to buy more pairs because cheaper options stretch, are see-through, fall down, pill, fade or just plain wear out fast. Pregnant women have special needs when it comes to maternity tights so we’ve gone ahead and been ridiculously helpful and compiled the top things to look for in maternity leggings to ensure you get a great pair which will see you through your first trimester, throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

  1. Good quality fabric – not only is this important from a sustainability perspective (buy better quality and less) but it’s also critical from a never-fearing-the-awkward-see-through-tights-look. Cos that look don’t look good on nobody. In addition to opaque, really high quality fabric is also moisture-wicking, breathable, snag and pill resistant, washes well and feels like a second sensational skin on. Look for four-way stretch fabrics that give enough to accommodate your growing bump but firm enough to not require being hoisted up or adjusted a bazillion times a day. 
  2. Compression properties – further to the above, some maternity tights feature super duper magical compression properties that can support your body as it rapidly grows and changes throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period. These can help with all manner of pregnancy ailment from pelvic and low back complaints to swelling and fluid retention, and even supporting your post-baby abdominals to repair. A great pair of tights can make you look and feel really good.  
  3. Fit – Some leggings are designed to be worn under the bump, some over the bump and some freaking superstars can actually be worn both ways. If you’re not sure, the latter option is generally your best bet in terms of covering your bases. As above, good quality fabric will generally retain it’s shape so despite pushing them to the point of what you think is certain breakage (42 weeks pregnant in my case!), these babies will snap back into shape and continue to support your body, like the true champions that they are. 
  4. Absorbent and leak proof areas – for maximum bonus points in the maternity leggings department, keep an eye out for tights that feature moisture wicking “regions”, most notably required in the ahem… crotch area. These mystical moisture-absorbing properties are a godsend for pregnant and postnatal mums who can sneeze again without fear. Also great for any overflow or accidental leaks.  

Call us biased, but incorporating all of the above things are the sensational Mammojo Ava Maternity tights. Road-tested, pregnancy-tested, postnatally-tested, park-tested and playground-tested by real pregnant mums and real postnatal mums and available in sizes from XS – 3XL these tights are, in our humble opinion, the unicorn of the maternity tights world. 

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