Life hacks for travelling with a baby this holiday season

Life hacks for surviving travel with bub this holiday season

Long haul travel is never fun, especially during the holiday season. Throw a newborn baby or a couple of strong willed toddlers into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole new ball game.  While we can’t quite stop the crying or cut down your travel time, we do have a couple of life hacks that just might make your travel a bit more manageable.

For plane travel:

Feed During Takeoff and Landing

Planes are a world of constantly changing air pressure, changes which can cause aches and pains in even the most adult of ears. A great way to save bub from suffering the same fate is to breastfeed during takeoff and landing.  The suckling motion will help reduce the effects of the air pressure changes and reduce your chances of dealing with an upset baby. Clearly, easy access to the milk bar is essential for stress free feeding and our tanks and the Mammojo Signature breastfeeding hoodie are ideal for this purpose.

Bring More Onesies Than You Think You Need

Babies, while adorable and cute, are ticking time bombs of unidentifiable fluids just waiting to detonate, usually at the most inopportune moment. Throw in the extra air pressure as mentioned above and you’ve got yourself a live poonami risk ready to blow. On a plane, you have no access to your suitcase and what you’ve got in your magical Mary Poppins bag of mum-ness is all you have to clean up any major spills. Having multiple spare onesies will save you from having to carry around a smelly and cranky baby for the rest of your flight. Storing the spares in ziplock bags also gives you a handy place to store the dirty ones. (P.S. bring a spare set of clothes for yourself incase you get hit in the crossfire!)

For car travel:

A Foldable Hanging Toiletry Bag is Your New Best Friend

If you’re travelling with a toddler or an older child, your biggest obstacle is going to be keeping them entertained. This is where the humble hanging toiletry bag comes to the rescue. The space for the shampoo and conditioner bottles makes a great iPad holder and all the other sections can hold anything from snacks, to crayons, to their favourite race car. Just hook it onto the back of the passenger or driver’s seat and now you kids have everything they need within reach!

General travel:

Comfort is Key

No matter how you’re travelling you’re going to be sitting for a verrrry long time and comfort is key. The Mammojo Lactivewear® Signature Lounge Pants and support tights are both super comfy for travel. Layering up is also a great idea for air travel because you never know how hot or cold the plane is going to be. Our Signature Breastfeeding Hoodie will keep you comfy and make breastfeeding bub super easy (because the last thing you need is to be stripping off layers in an airplane seat).

Travel Craft Packs

If your kids have destroyed a DVD recently and you’re about to chuck out the case, hold your horses buster! Hot glue gun some old fabric onto the inside of the case, cut some A4 paper in half and pop it into the other side, add some colouring pencils or crayons and voila! You have an on-the-go drawing station for your kids to help keep them occupied on your holiday journeys!

For a step by step guide, click here.

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