Breastfeeding in Summer? It's a Breeze

Breastfeeding in Summer? It's a Breeze

As the great artist and lyricist, Nelly, once said IT’S GETTIN’ HOT IN HEREEEE.

Summer in Australia means endless days at the beach, BBQs and pool swims and levels of heat radiating off bitumen rivalled only by that on Mars. Being pregnant or breastfeeding in the warmer months can be particularly brutal for human makers. 

The chafe, oh the chafe. Everything rubs. And the rubbing? It stings. And no, you’re not imagining it, you actually are 12 degrees hotter than everyone else. Whether your bakin’ a baby and sustaining human life with your breasts, your body is just running a wee bit warmer. Don’t even get us started on the sheer volume of water you need to drink in order to entertain any idea that you might be appropriately hydrated. You’re potentially even upholding yourself to pre baby beauty standards of shaved legs and bikini lines.

With all that in mind? You’re going to want to be C-O-M-F-Y. Enter the Jessica Dress.

A gorgeously lightweight bump-friendly and nursing dress that will see you through pregnancy and your breastfeeding period. 

Crafted from beautifully soft cotton spandex fabric featuring a relaxed fit, allowing it to grow with your bump. We know you need to breastfeed with ease on the go, so we've included twin feeding vents to make discreet nursing and expressing a breeze.

A classic maternity LBD that can be worn every day with your favourite white sneakers (and slides when shoes that require you to bend over are dead to you) and dress up with some cute (sensible) heels and statement earrings when Mama wants to impress. Jokes, your sustaining human life, we're already impressed as heck.

We believe that making a baby and being glamorous need not be mutually exclusive, and that philosophy is at the forefront of every single piece we craft. Made by mothers for mothers

To celebrate the launch of your new favourite dress and the temperature rising, we’re giving one lucky lady her very own Jessica dress!

Want to win? Duh, of course you do. All you need to do is make sure you’re following our instagram and Facebook (you really should anyway, they’re fab) and comment on the giveaway post with three emojis that best describe your pregnancy and tag a friend! That’s it! The winner will be drawn on Sunday November 7th and is available to Australian residents.

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