Eight things they don't tell you about motherhood until it's too late

Eight things they don't tell you about motherhood until it's too late

1. Welcome to chaos.

ChaosYour house is going to resemble a zoo for at least the next 15 years. While this one can be a slow burner, don't be lulled into thinking it won't happen to you. Your house will be all display home, scented candles and perfectly styled sofa cushions until boom! - your little one is mobile. It ratchets up from there, especially if you are adding to an existing brood! Check out amotherfarfromhome's tips for trying to manage this the bombsite your home now resembles.


2. You will sing and dance like no one is watching ...

to the most ridiculous music you have ever heard. In. Your. Life. Nobody knows how it is possible for Michael Finnegan's chin hair to miraculously grow in again or why Bananas in Pyjamas feel the need to spend their Tuesdays catching teddy bears but you will soon be singing about these topics and many more with gusto. The Wiggles will replace your much loved classics and take over your Spotify playlists. Secretly you will love it.


3. Breastfeeding can be tough.

You are not alone if your wee one isn't latching properly, you find breastfeeding painful or you worry your little one is not getting enough milk. There are people and organisations that can help you. The Australian Breastfeeding Association has links to a wealth of resources.


4. Your handbag will start to resemble Macgyver's toolbox.

No longer will your you run out the door with a phone, an ATM card and your lipgloss stuffed into a teensy tiny clutch. Oh no, siree! Twelve nappies, 42 snacks, four changes of clothes, three packets of baby wipes, two sippy cups and a tube of nappy rash cream is about as light on as you get these days. The good news, is in the event of a natural disaster you'll be able to survive on the contents of your handbag for at least a week.


5. Everything you said you were going to do when you become a parent will be thrown out the window.

"My kid is only going to eat organic, home-made, healthy purees", "My child will never use an iPad at a restaurant", "I'll never let my kids watch more than 20 minutes TV a day". One day, after endorsing a potato chip sandwich for dinner while your child watches the 17th episode of a Peppa Pig marathon on the Ipad at the local Italian restaurant, you will realise how far you've come.


6. Your postpartum belly may not be the belly you remember.

Over time, some women are able achieve a belly close to their pre pregnancy glory with apparent ease. Other mere mortals will have to work at it. While we don't think you ever really "go back" to anything after becoming a mum because you are fundamentally irreversibly changed as a person, we do think that mums should be able to feel fit, strong, healthy and happy. This idea was the inspiration behind Mammojo. Our Lactivewear® tops have been specifically designed to support the postpartum stomach, allow easy breastfeeding and allow you to do the things that make you feel good.


7. You will, at times, feel like you have no idea what you are doing.

Sadly, there is no manual that comes with babies and children. You might feel out of your depth or grossly unqualified for the responsibility you have just inherited. What works for one mum does not necessarily work for another. What works for one child does not necessarily work for another. There are lots of people to judge and offer advice on the best way to raise your child. Just remember that no one has all the answers and no one else is the mother to your baby. Be patient, go easy on yourself and shower your little one with love. One book I can recommend if you are looking for a very gentle parenting approach is "Perfect parents, perfect children" by Dr Bob Jacobs: it is a short, easy read and made the most sense to me of all the parenting books I have come across.


8. The main holiday criteria becomes - is it child friendly and are there baby sitters?

As much as you love and want to spend time with your wee ones, you will find that a little breather where you are not worried about them killing themselves or each other (i.e. you have outsourced this for a period of time) will do your mental state the world of good.
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